Orient Express

Orient Ekspres 350x800

Orient Express, which was produced for ERT channel, explores today’s Turkey with its culture, politics, music, fashion and its people. Orient Express also addresses Turkey’s changing role in the region and discussing the underlying causes.

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Dream Gang

005_Hayal Cetesi 350 x 800

“Dream Gang” is the tragicomical story of three treasure hunters who live in a village located on the slopes of Kure Mountains in Turkey. Our heroes, Arif, Mehmet and Refik have been searching for a treasure for more than twenty years, which they think is hidden somewhere in the mountains.

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Broken Mussels

Kirik Midyeler 014 350x800

Hakim and Faysal have come from Mardin to İstanbul to find work and escape to Germany where their cousin lives. They make close friends with Medina and her daughter Elma, refugees from Bosnia.  Medina disappears from sight one day suddenly. The three children now in pursuit of Medina find themselves in struggle to survive in one of the worlds greatest metropoles.

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